CCTS is officially indexed by Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)

Published: 2024-03-25

On March 20th, 2024, a confirmation letter reached the editorial office of Current Challenges in Thoracic Surgery (CCTS) (Figure 1) that the journal has been selected for inclusion in the Web of Science™ (WoS). Articles published in CCTS after 2022, beginning with Vol 4, will be included in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), a product of WoS.

Figure 1. The letter from Clarivate

ESCI, initiated by Thomson Reuters in 2015, is currently managed by Clarivate Analytics. Clarivate Analytics has launched ESCI for expanding the scope of publications in WoS to include peer-reviewed publications of regional importance and in emerging scientific fields (1).

Journals in ESCI have passed an initial editorial evaluation and can continue to be considered for inclusion in products such as Science Citation Index Expanded™ (SCIE), the Social Sciences Citation Index® (SSCI), and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index® (AHCI) (1). All ESCI journals are indexed according to the same data standards, including cover-to-cover indexing, cited reference indexing, subject category assignment, and indexing all authors and addresses (1).

Established in March 2019, Current Challenges in Thoracic Surgery (Curr Chall Thorac Surg; CCTS; ISSN 2664-3278) is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal and the Official Publication of the Department of Thoracic Surgery, Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, published by AME Publishing Company (Figure 2). CCTS provides high-quality researches and information related to challenging issues on thoracic surgeries with an aim to improve current diagnosis and treatment of thoracic diseases.

Figure 2. The cover of the journal CCTS

CCTS has formed an internationalized editorial board (Figure 3) and has published 205 articles as of March 20th, 2024, including Review Articles, Original Articles, and Case Reports, etc. (Figure 4). The journal has presented contributions from international authors (Figure 5), and its pageviews have exhibited a consistent increase since 2019 (Figure 6). Notably, the journal features special series exploring various trending topics (Table 1).

Figure 3. International distribution of editorial board members (71 Members from 12 countries)

Figure 4. Proportions of Article Types (205 articles, including 9 article types)

Figure 5. International distribution of corresponding authors (205 authors from 20 countries)

Figure 6. Website Pageviews (Results by Year)

Table 1. Special Series of CCTS

CCTS would not have achieved the remarkable milestone of being included in ESCI, without the continuous support and joint efforts from our distinguishing editorial board members, guest editors, authors, reviewers, readers, and the entire editorial team.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all the contributors for their invaluable support. Moving forward, we are dedicated to publishing high-quality articles and leading CCTS to new horizons.


1. "ESCI Fact Sheet" (PDF). Clarivate.

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