Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital

The Department of Thoracic Surgery at Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital affiliated to Tongji University is dedicated to a wide range of thoracic surgeries for diseases of lung, trachea and bronchus, mediastinum, chest wall, and oesophagus, etc. It is a national key discipline. It was selected as a standardized training base (of cardiothoracic surgery) for residents in Shanghai in 2018.

The department provides comprehensive diagnosis and surgical treatment for chest disease to patients with a specialized team of 23 directors and deputy chief physicians as well as 25 attending physicians (including 7 doctoral supervisors and 16 masters), owning more than 200 beds in 4 wards. It is the minimally invasive thoracic surgery center with the largest single-center surgical volume, the largest amount of thoracoscopic surgery, and the most comprehensive surgical approaches and procedures. Especially, the surgical volume of its uniportal thoracoscopic surgery ranks world No. 1, accounting for 50% of the total amount of the world.

Besides of the clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases, the department also focuses on research for state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment, dealing with challenging surgical issues and promoting surgical advances. The research results and achievements in recent years including the National Award for Science and Technology, Science and Technology Progress Award by the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Municipal Award for Science and Technology, etc. In the past five years, the center has hosted more than 100 research projects, including 27 supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, which ranks the first in general surgery in China. The team has published numerous research results in the core journals of thoracic surgery: ATS, JTCVS and EJCTS. It has obtained 69 national patents (38 in the past 3 years) and 11 invention patents.

The department has become the largest international training center of minimally invasive thoracic surgery, promoting the communication and development of Chinese experience in thoracic surgery around the world. More than 400 senior doctors from 76 countries around the world have come here for further study or training.