Recent Advances in Perioperative Care in Thoracic Surgery and Anesthesia

Posted On 2024-01-09 10:13:08

This series on “Recent Advances in Perioperative Care in Thoracic Surgery and Anesthesia” was edited by Dr. Jean Bussieres, Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada and Dr. George Rakovich, University of Montreal, Montréal, Canada. This series explores the challenges of perioperative care in thoracic surgery, with a focus on anesthesia, pain management, and enhanced recovery pathways for minimally invasive procedures.

Recent advances in perioperative care in thoracic surgery and anesthesia
George Rakovich, Jean S. Bussières

Original Article
Patient perspectives on open vs. minimally invasive thoracic surgery (PPOMITS): survey and experience from a single academic institution
Daniel Jones, Urmila Bhattacharyya, Ching Yeung, Andre Martel, Mary Hanna, Ameera Moledina, Andrew J. E. Seely, Donna E. Maziak, Sudhir R. Sundaresan, Patrick J. Villeneuve, Sebastien Gilbert

Developing an artificial intelligence-based clinical decision-support system for chest tube management: user evaluations & patient perspectives of the Chest Tube Learning Synthesis and Evaluation Assistant (CheLSEA) system
Adnan El Adou Mekdachi, Jamie Strain, Stuart G. Nicholls, Jharna Rathod, Mohsen Alayche, Virginia Maria Ferreira Resende, William Klement, Nathalie Japkowicz, Sebastien Gilbert

Review Article
Prehabilitation and enhanced recovery after thoracic surgery: a narrative review
Azza Al-Abri, Danielle Sophia Shafiepour

Perioperative pain management for thoracic surgery: a narrative review of the literature
Ariane Clairoux, Rami Issa, Marie-Ève Bélanger, Robert Urbanowicz, Philippe Richebé, Véronique Brulotte

Atelectasis in one lung ventilation: the good, the bad, and the ugly: a narrative review
Jean S. Bussières, Edouard Marques

Pulmonary hemodynamics and lung surgery: a narrative review
Etienne J. Couture, Christoph G. Nabzdyk

Uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for lung cancer—current practices and outcomes: a narrative review
Félix H. Savoie-White, Charles Antoine Menier, Arthur Vieira, Paula A. Ugalde

The series “Recent Advances in Perioperative Care in Thoracic Surgery and Anesthesia” was commissioned by the editorial office, Current Challenges in Thoracic Surgery without any sponsorship or funding. Drs Jean Bussieres and George Rakovich served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.